BlueInk Review

“An empathetic, heartwarming underdog story that should appeal to a variety of teen readers. Hy’s relationships, in all their tenderness and awkwardness, are beautifully drawn.” –BlueInk Review


“This novel is a masterpiece… for anyone who ever wanted to scream ‘not my fault’ at the world.” (five stars) -R. Goodreads “Really great coming of age story! I highly recommend this to any teen in your life, especially the ones that feel like they don’t belong.” (four stars) R.R. BookSirens/Goodreads

BookLife Review

“Urgent, touching YA novel about finding one’s voice through art… Frasca brings readers into the life of a young creative with Not My Fault, her electric and rousing literary debut.”-BookLife Reviews 

Lisa Knowlton 192 Books NYC

Not My Fault “What a truly wonderful and lovely read. I was so taken and touched by the storyline and I was completely caught up in the clever and timely plot. But mostly, I was just in love with Hy and Belinda and the rest of their motley posse…I read a lot of YA novels as […]